The things we have achieved


February 27th 2021

After much preparations, testing and implementing, ADA4Good Cardano Stake Pool was born!

First Block Minted_edited.jpg
First Block

June 19th 2021

After a excruciatingly long wait (more than 4 months), we finally got our first block! The beer that day tasted extra good :-)

10th Block Minted_edited.jpg
10th Block

June 21th 2021

4 blocks in 5 months and then another 6 blocks in 1 week! CF Delegation has rocket fueled our Block minting machine! 

xSPO Logo Large.jpg
xSPO Alliance founded

May 18th 2021

xSPO is a group of Operators with less than 1m ADA. A place for similar sized SPO's to have fun and to learn. Join us:

CF delegation to A4G_2_edited.jpg
Cardano Foundation Delegation

July 15th 2021

As our luck for minting blocks finally was improving, the Cardano Foundation decided to delegate a whopping 14.6m ADA to our pool! ADA4Good will never be the same again!