Welcome to ADA4Good

The Professional Cardano Charity Stake Pool

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Our Mission

Let's "DIG" it!

  • Decentralize - Our single operator stake pool helps secure and decentralize the Cardano network.

  • Include - Cardano is for everybody. We commit to helping the non-technical to join our community.

  • Give - Children are the future. We will therefore donate to causes helping children in need.

  1. Our pool is hosted and monitored 24/7 at datacenters in Amsterdam, Germany & in Singapore.

  2. More than 20 years of both technical and commercial experience

  3. Super approachable! Want to chat about crypto, Cardano or trading? just join our discord server

  4. Access to our trading channel where you can learn about trading and follow our trades in real-time!

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Great News:
Cardano foundation delegates 14.6m ADA to ADA4Good!

CF delegation to A4G_2_edited.jpg

Why Delegate to us?

Name: ADA 4 Good
Ticker: A4G

Birthday: February 27th 2021
2 BPs, 3 Relays in EU/ASIA

Fixed Costs: 340 ADA

Margin: 2%

50% of Margin fees go to

Save the Children

$ 160.5

minimum donation/month will be $50 (as of May 1st) 

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We'd love to hear from you

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