Welcome to ADA4Good

The Professional Cardano Charity Stake Pool

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Our Mission

Let's "DIG" it!

  • Decentralize - Our single operator stake pool helps secure and decentralize the Cardano network.

  • Include - Cardano is for everybody. We commit to helping the non-technical to join our community.

  • Give - Children are the future. We will therefore donate to causes helping children in need.

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Why Delegate to us?

  • Our pool is hosted and monitored 24/7 at professional datacenters in Amsterdam & in Singapore.

  • More than 20 years of both technical and commercial experience.

  • We are here to stay! We are holding and accumulating ADA from the very start; HODL-ing long term.

  • Our real profits will come from growing the community and our ADA wallet, not from the fees we earn. 

Pool Bio

Name: ADA 4 Good
Ticker: A4G

Birthday: February 27th 2021

1 Node, 2 Relays in EU/ASIA

Pool Fees

Fixed Costs: 340 ADA

Margin: 2%


50% of Margin fees go to

Save the Children

Donated Total

$ 0.0

minimum donation/month will be $50 (as of May 1st) 

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Current Charity

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