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My name is Vahid and I am the Stake Pool Operator of ADA4Good! 

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Who am I

I was born in Iran, raised during rough times and left the country in 1988 as a teenager. This period made an unfading deep impression on me regarding children, poverty and war. This is also why I am supporting causes that help children in need. 

I have been living in the Netherlands for more than 30 years now and I am the proudest father of two beautiful daughters. They are everything to me. 

I am from an entrepreneurial family. I have been raised with that mindset but I also love geeky technology. Always loved combining the two. I am into Sales and Marketing for more than 25 years professionally.

In my private time, I have built and host my own arbitrage and market making trading bots. I love trading, investing and how the economy works. I moved from stocks trading to BTC trading in 2017. I have been trading BTC and ETH mostly. It didn't take me long before I got in love with Cardano. I still actively trade BTC and ETH; but I only buy and accumulate ADA. Have been doing that from 2018.

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Would love to get in contact with you!

You can find me here:

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