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A4G Bonus & Loyalty NFT
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Updated 15 June 2024

The public minting has ended. All A4G NFT's are minted.

You could try secondary market!

Or consider our NEW WMT Promotion

Benefits of an A4G NFT

WMT bonus Rewards

  • A4G delegated wallets holding 1 NFT will accrue WMT rewards for each full epoch. This will be on top of your regular ADA rewards. 

  • A4G adds WMT tokens to be distributed to all NFT holders

  • The A4G NFT sales & royalties are converted into WMT tokens & added to the distribution program

  • The WMT rewards are sent to the same wallet holding the NFT. No action needed

Monthly Quadruple Lotteries

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  • 1 draw is totally random and includes all delegators

  • 1 draw is giving higher odds to loyal delegators

  • 2 draws are only including A4G NFT holders!

  • Prize per draw: 25 ADA & 50 WMT

Future promotions

A4G NFT-nomics_2.png
  • You only have to buy the A4G NFT once. 

  • We will link future promotions and perks to the same NFT to keep it valuable

Benfits NFT
WMT rewards per staked ADA

Amount of WMT distributed per epoch:

250 WMT

Amount of ADA staked in wallets holding an A4G NFT:

11.0m ADA

Average amount of WMT per epoch per 1000 ADA staked*:

Staked ADA



*) The WMT rewards are distributed using a logarithmic distribution method. Therefore, smaller stakes receive relatively more WMT than bigger stakes.
The decrease of WMT/1000 ADA stake is gradual. The mentioned numbers are averages within those ranges.










WMT per ADA Staked
Trade NFT
How to trade an A4G NFT

Check here if any NFT's are for sale on secondary market

  • You can sell your A4G NFT on various Cardano NFT Market places and check if one is available for sale

  • The A4G NFT will provide its utility in any wallet that is delegated to A4G

  • Below is an example of how to sell you NFT on

  • You don't need an account to trade NFTs on

  • Connect your dApp enabled wallet containing the A4G NFT

  • Go to "Profile"

  • Look up your A4G NFT press the "Sell NFT" button

  • Choose your selling price and sign the transaction to offer your NFT for sale.

How to mint your A4G NFT
Mint NFT

Before you continue, only A4G delegators can mint/use this NFT. And only 1 NFT per wallet is useful. 

350 NFT's will be minted in total. The first 150 NFT's were minted exclusively for Discord/Telegram members

The next batch of 150 NFT's are now made available (Wednesday April 20th 8pm UTC)50 NFTs are kept in reserve for later mints/promotions. Minting will fail after the NFT's are sold out. You might then buy one on the NFT markets.

The ADA for the mint must come from a wallet that is delegated to A4G. The address can not already hold an A4G NFT. If these conditions are not met, your ADA is sent back (excluding the transaction fees)

The minting interface will look like this. make sure you see the highlighted areas before you continue


You can either connect to your installed wallet extension or just send the required amount manually to the provided address. This is the recommended option!

If you connect your wallet and that wallet is not delegated to A4G then your mint will fail.

If you send the wrong amount, your ADA is sent back (excluding the transaction fees)
Always check if your wallet has been whitelisted otherwise the mint will fail too

Start minting your NFT using the button below

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