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New WMT Promotion - Application closed!
>> 10% of our WMT EarthNode rewards shared with delegators! <<

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Last update: May 7th, 2023

You can no longer register your wallet!

Registration for our EarthNode WMT promotion has ended. 

Thank you all for participating.

All A4G NFT holders are automatically registered.

The following wallets have also registered.

Registered Wallets

Please note that only wallet that comply with the conditions described below will be eligible.

Why would I participate?

If you participate in our WMT promotion you can earn some extra WMT rewards. You have to stake your ADA in our Stake pool AND also stake your WMT in our upcoming WMT Earth Node (WMT4Good). The first round of the WMT bonus rewards are claimable 3 months after our WMT Earth Node goes online.

10% of the WMT Earth Node Operator rewards during the first year!

Besides our Cardano Stake pool "ADA4Good", we will also be running a WMT Earth Node called WMT4Good for which we will receive rewards.

We are not exactly sure yet how many WMT rewards we will receive during the first year but World Mobile has released an initial blog with some estimates.

The total operator rewards for a full year currently are estimated to be as follows:

  • Minimum in case we have NO delegators at all: 50k WMT

  • Maximum In case our Node would be fully saturated: 380k WMT

This means that the more support and delegation our Earth Node will get, the more rewards our participating delegators will get!

These are the 4 basic requirements:  

Delegate your ADA to "ADA4Good" [A4G] Cardano Stake Pool

before Epoch 409, April 30th 2023 21:45 UTC (or be delegated already)

Register your wallet in our Discord before Epoch 409, April 30th 2023 21:45 UTC (only if your wallet doesn't hold an A4G NFT)

Remain delegated to A4G pool until 3 months after our WMT Earth Node ("WMT4Good") goes live

Delegate your WMT to our WMT Earth Node within 1 month it goes live and keep delegating for 3 months

What restrictions apply?

ALL A4G NFT wallets that fulfill the requirements above will be eligible

But also the first 400 wallets without an A4G NFT that fulfill the basic requirements above will be able to participate:

200 new wallets that delegate to us &

200 existing wallets that already were delegated to us 

So don't wait too long!

Finally, you should be aware that eligible wallets that move their stake away after the cut-off date, will be removed from the list of eligible participants.

This will increase the rewards for those who remain loyally delegated!

Any other details?

  • Only register wallets in our discord with A4G delegation or make sure the delegation is made asap after registering. Wallets without an A4G delegation are removed.

  • Don't leave our discord, otherwise your registration will be removed!

  • Your eligible wallet must hold 500 ADA or more

  • There is no minimum amount of WMT to delegate to our Earth Node

  • 8.0% of the Operator rewards are distributed among all participants

  • 2.0% of the operator rewards are distributed among the A4G NFT holders

  • To minimize ADA fees, we will use the token distribution service

  • Distribution will be done every 3 months (can be claimed immediately or left there to accumulate)

  • The promotion will last 12 months minimum, from the date our WMT Earth Node goes live

  • The WMT distribution will be proportional to the WMT staked in our Earth Node. Bigger WMT wallets receive relatively less WMT 

  • Although World Mobile has announced to launch the WMT Earth Nodes in Q1 2023, we cannot be sure and are not responsible for when it actually will go live.

  • The WMT rewards are estimated and can change due to the stake of our WMT Earth Node or World Mobile changing rewards parameters.

  • If our Earth Node does not receive significant delegation and many wallets participate, the rewards could be relatively low. But on the other hand, if our Node receives a lot of delegation then the rewards will be very interesting.

How much rewards are distributed?

How can I participate?

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