The things we have achieved


February 27th 2021

After much preparations, testing and implementing, ADA4Good Cardano Stake Pool was born!

First Block Minted_edited.jpg
First Block

June 19th 2021

After a excruciatingly long wait (more than 4 months), we finally got our first block! The beer that day tasted extra good :-)

10 blocks award a4g.png
10th Block

June 21th 2021

4 blocks in 5 months and then another 6 blocks in 1 week! CF Delegation has rocket fueled our Block minting machine! 

Ardana Stake Pool Partner

September 21th 2021

Ardana is Cardano's decentralized stablecoin hub and DEX. A4G pool is one of 50 pools to be selected to join their ASPA alliance.

xSPO Alliance founded

May 18th 2021

xSPO is a group of Operators with less than 1m ADA. A place for similar sized SPO's to have fun and to learn. Join us:

CF delegation to A4G_2_edited.jpg
Cardano Foundation Delegation

July 15th 2021

As our luck for minting blocks finally was improving, the Cardano Foundation decided to delegate a whopping 14.6m ADA to our pool! ADA4Good will never be the same again! 

100 blocks award a4g.png
100th Block

August 23th 2021

In just 2 months we minted another 90 blocks with a 100% pool performance! A great milestone and proof of well operated pool.

200th together_edited.jpg
200th Block

September 24th 2021

Another great milestone! Minted 200 blocks with 100% efficiency (didn't miss a single block)