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Stake with ADA4Good to earn World Mobile Tokens (WMT) on top of your ADA rewards

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Last update: January 31th, 2023

Read about the A4G NFT

Next WMT payout

To keep the WMT promotion meaningful, we have introduced the
"A4G Bonus & Loyalty NFT". You need one to be included in our WMT promotion.
Read abo
ut it here

No A4G NFT? Check out our NEW WMT promotion!

How to earn WMT Tokens through staking your ADA

  1. Delegate your ADA to our pool (ADA4Good)

  2. Acquire an A4G NFT and make sure it is in your A4G delegated wallet

  3. Enjoy bonus WMT rewards on top of your regular ADA rewards.

Our WMT promotion comes on top of your ADA staking rewards!
Our pool has normal fees (minimum fixed fees and 3% margin fee).

Your ADA staking rewards are no different than other pools with the same numbers

Make sure you delegate to our pool: ADA4Good, ticker A4G. 

Acquire an A4G NFT and make sure it is in your A4G delegated wallet

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You will accrue WMT tokens after each full epoch you have been staking with us.

Payouts of your accrued WMT rewards are done every 3 months

The tokens will be distributed among delegators proportional to their stake.

Lower stakes receive relatively more than higher stakes. More consecutive epochs means a higher loyalty bonus. Check out your accrued rewards here

You get more tokens if you (have been) staking more consecutive epochs with us. Your loyalty bonus grows for a max of 3 months and falls to zero when you leave us.

We will distribute 250 WMT tokens per epoch.  Check this for the amount of ADA staked (holding the A4G NFT) and estimated WMT rewards per 1k ADA staked per epoch

Less than 1000
Promotion infographic
Image by Alejandro Garay

Monthly Quadruple Lottery

Our pool will host FOUR monthly lotteries to thank our loyal delegators. One lottery is totally random, the other one gives better odds to delegators who are with us for longer and have a higher stake. The final two lotteries ONLY include delegators holding the A4G NFT


Prize per Lottery: 25 ADA and 50 WMT tokens.


Winners to be announced after each month.
Find all previous winners here


ADA4Good will host a WMT Earth Node

Hosting WMT EN

The Vision and why we support and share WMT Tokens

It all started with Charles Hoskinson's TED Talk in 2014:

In this inspirational TEDx, Charles is talking about the billions of people without a bank who are deprived of all the financial services others with a bank can enjoy.

Cardano with its smart contracts and digital identity solutions can help include and Empower these people.

He closes the talk with another challenge: for people to use Cardano, they need to be connected to the Internet. And 40% of the planet is not connected yet!


This is where World Mobile comes in to Connect the unconnected; but in a decentralized fashion! In cooperation with IOHK (the company behind Cardano), World Mobile and its token WMT will bring the Internet to remote places where traditional mobile networks didn't go because it’s too expensive and too hard to maintain.


Lastly, we believe that technology is a great enabler, but we need to take care of our people first. If we can help and Educate children to become powerful and confident personalities, they are better able to seize the opportunities offered by technologies like World Mobile and Cardano and make a better life for themselves and their families. That is why we also donate 50% of our margin fees to Save the Children!


That is why our slogan is: Educate, Connect and Empower


Our WMT promotion

As a Cardano Stake Pool, ADA4Good (ticker A4G), strongly believes in the vision laid out by Charles in his TED talk. That is why we invested in Cardano from the very start. We are now also doing this with the World Mobile project. Our commitment towards our mission is strengthened with our decision to also host a WMT earth node when WMT goes live. 


To help the WMT project succeed, we want to introduce this project to our delegators. We will do that by staking our own WMT tokens and then share some of the WMT staking rewards with our loyal delegators!

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