When will I receive rewards after staking my ADA?

Updated: Jun 4

Cardano Explained Without Jargon & Within 199 words

Let's start with the executive summary:

Between 15-20 days after staking your Ada

Why is that? There are four steps.

Step 1: Your Ada is registered

The cardano network takes a snapshot of all staked/delegated Ada every 5 days (an epoch). After this snapshot your stake is registered.

Step 2: Your stake is active

Your Ada will be eligible for rewards after another epoch.

Step 3: Your rewards are calculated

After another epoch, your rewards will be calculated.

Step 4: Your rewards are paid

After yet another epoch, your rewards are paid.


  • If you delegate 1 day after the start of an epoch,

  • 4 days later your stake is registered by the network (end of epoch),

  • 5 days later it starts earning rewards,

  • 5 days later your rewards are calculated and finally

  • 5 days later your rewards are paid: 19 days passed.

Because this process continues, you will receive rewards every 5 days after your first payment.

Below you can see a visual presentation of this process

Happy Staking!

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