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Why ADA4Good donates to Kumwe Hub

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Shaking up traditional aid delivery

Our mission is to "Educate, Connect and Empower" children.

We believe that to do this effectively and sustainably, much more is needed than to simply assist children and their families financially.

This is why we love to support and work with Kumwe Hub!

Supported by Save the Children, Kumwe Hub partners with change-making businesses in Rwanda and across Africa. Supporting them to grow their businesses, and with that increase the positive impact they have on children, their families and communities.

James Raynor, Director, Kumwe Hub, Save the Children International:


"Kumwe Hub knows from experience that African businesses are often the best placed, but least well supported actors making a positive difference for children. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting those businesses to grow by offering technical advice, facilitating beneficial connections and providing finance in the forms of grants and loans.

The loans are particularly exciting. In Rwanda the average business loan has an interest rate of 27-30%. Kumwe’s loans are set at 10%. Not only does this mean our businesses can access finance for the first time, but the returns make Kumwe’s work sustainable. Our recent ‘Fanikiwa’ loans are benefitting businesses whose work improves the nutritional outcomes for children, doing things like producing cheaper, healthy alternatives to imported products.

We couldn’t do this work without the generous support of people like those at ADA4Good and others in the crypto community. Thank you."


By supporting A4G ADA Stake Pool, you will automatically support Kumwe Hub. We have been donating 33% of our margin fees each month since May 2021.

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