#1 - Blog Series: Introduction

Updated: May 13

Cardano Explained Without Jargon & Within 199 words

Hello friends of Cardano,

So you hold ADA? Interested to get to know more about Cardano? You have a lot of questions about what Cardano actually is all about, but you are not really a tech person? Maybe you just want to understand the use cases and the actual added value Cardano brings? Well then this Blog series is just the thing for you!

My goal is the following:

  1. Explain Cardano to you using ZERO jargon. Because Cardano is for everybody!

  2. Every topic can have a maximum of 199 words. Because you are busy!

  3. Build up a series of blogs with the most interesting features of Cardano. Because you don't want to search around too much! :)

Feel free to send me topics you want me to write a "WJ-199" blog post about.

So let's go!

#2 - Cardano's Vision & Mission

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