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3# - Cardano's Triangle of Mathematicians

Updated: May 13

Cardano Explained Without Jargon & Within 199 words

Have you ever wondered where the names Cardano, Ada and Lovelace came from and why they where chosen? Well I will tell you, it is all about mathematics.

No, don't worry, it won't get technical.

Guess what Charles Hoskinson, Gerolamo Cardano and Ada Lovelace have in common. Sounds familiar? They are all mathematicians. Even though Charles - the founder and visionair of Cardano - is not the most famous amongst them, he might one day surpass them!

Gerolamo Cardano was a so called polymath, a multipotentialite. Fancy words for people who are good in a lot of things. He was specially interested in numbers, statistics and probabilities. He partially invented the combination lock and was even into the very early cryptography. So I guess you now understand why Cardano was chosen as the project's name.

Ada Lovelace, besides being a female mathematician, was regarded as one of the first computer programmers! We are talking about mid 19th century here. She was the first to recognize that machines had applications beyond pure calculation. Cardano's native currency is name after her.